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  1. John Ryan Panganiban Limon
    Western Bicutan,Taguig City Contact #:09996206110

    Personal Information:
    Birth Date: Nov. 01, 1983
    Birth Place: Lian, Batangas
    Age: 30
    Height: 5 8”
    Weight: 80kgs.
    Name of father: Edgardo Limon
    Occupation: None
    Name of Mother: Lucia Limon
    Occupation: Gov. employee

    Educational BackGround:
    Name of school Year graduated

    Elementary: Lian central School (Lian, Batangas) 1990-1996
    Secondary: Lian Institute (Lian, Batangas) 1996-2000
    College: Batangas State University (BSU Nasugbu, Batangas) 2000-2003

    Employment History:

    Company: Kyuritsu Electronic Phil.
    Position: Equipment Maintenance ( Auto insertion Department )
    Date:June 2003–December 2003

    Company: Amkor Technology Phil.
    Position: Equipment Maintenance ( DTFS EOL )
    Date: August 09, 2004 up to Present date ( 10yrs. employed)

    Character References:

    Ruel De Guzman
    Maintenance Engineer
    ASE Taiwan

    Fedirico Baustista
    Maintenance Engineer
    ASE Taiwan

    Manuel Lladoc
    Senior Maintenance Engineer
    Amkor Technology Phil.

    I hereby certify that the facts contained in this resume are true and completed to the best of my knowledge.

    Note: Kindly notify me in my Cell Phone number(09996206110). Thanks

  2. Kindly imform me by text (09996206110) for
    the opening position of Maintenance technician. Thanks

    Experience in semiconductor in 10 years

  3. bolesam says:

    Marieta S.Bolesa
    GeneralTrias,Cavite Contact #:09109270700

    Personal Information:
    Birth Date: July 06, 1988
    Birth Place: Bucay, Abra
    Age: 25
    Height: 5 2”
    Weight: 50kgs.
    Name of father: Perfecto Bolesa
    Occupation: Farmer
    Name of Mother: Juanita Bolesa
    Occupation: Housekeeping
    Person to be contact in case of emergency
    Riel Borason
    General trias Cavite

    Educational BackGround:
    Name ofschool Year graduated
    Elementary: Bucay central School 2000-2001 Secondary: Benito Soliven Academy Ilocos Sur 2004-2005
    College: Data Center College of the Philippines Abra 2009-2010

    Employment History:
    Name of Company: Position From To
    Philippine Bobbin Corporation machine operator Feb.2011 – July 2011
    House Technology Industries production operator Sept.2011-Feb.2012
    S.Bros Precision inc. Plastic injection March 2012-June2012

    Character References:
    Name: Occupation Address
    Irine Bringas General Manager Bangued, Abra
    Estrelita Banes Business Woman Tanza, Cavite

    I hereby certify that the facts contained in this resume are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.